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Fuel Price Averages For Friday, December 14, 2018 Prices Not Available. Check back soon.
State Tax Rate
4th qtr.
Fuel Prices
As of
Ex-Tax Fuel Price
As of
Fuel Price
As of
Column Averages

1.  State Tax Rate Changes
2. Prices Lowered From Yesterday
3. *States w/Wt. Miles taxes on quarterly or monthly basis, Must prepare individual state tax reports. (ID-10/1 - eliminated .0449/mile; KY-.0285/mile; NM-.04378/mile; NY-.0495/mile; OR-.2048/mile) All per mile figures based on gross wt. #80000 class 8 vehicle.
4. The following states have a Fuel Surcharge that is applied to all gallons burned in that jurisdiction and is not paid at the pump but due at the end of that quarter.
Kentucky .102
Ohio .0
Virginia .035


Note: Average retail fuel prices are provided Monday through Friday from more than 9,400 truck stops. Prices are based on fuel credit transactions from each truck stop. If you have questions or comments about how prices are acquired,  email us at:

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